Need To Know Laundry FAQs, Tips & Tricks

Simple Steps to get Clean Laundry every time!

Step 1:   Always separate into 3 piles: Dark (jeans, blacks and other dark colors) , Lights (light colors like yellows and  pinks), and Whites. Each pile washes separately. This keeps your whites and lights from catching dye on them from your dark colors.

Step 2:   Always check the labels when you're making piles. Some clothes  need a delicate cycle and some are dry clean only.  You can ruin some of your clothing by washing the wrong way. 

Step 3:   Pre-treat any stains to get the best results. 

Step 4:   It's important not to stuff your washer. Each load needs a little room for water and for swishing your clothes around. 

Step 5:   Always read the directions and use the appropriate amount of detergent. Too little can leave your clothing dirty and too much can leave a residue.


Step 6:    It used to be a certain temperature of water for different types of laundry but really you only need to set your washer to cold.

The only time that hot water is needed is when you need to kill germs on towels, bed sheets and cloth baby diapers.

Step 7:   Drying is usually the easy part you just set normal heat, set the timer to 60 minutes, and press the start button. The only thing to watch out for is anything that has spandex or elastic, like bras, bathing suits and yoga pants. These items should be hung up to dry. 

The higher the heat, the faster your clothing dries, right? Also, high heat settings should only be used on items that need to be sanitized, like those towels, cloth diapers and bedding that you washed in hot water.

If you follow the steps above you should get nice clean results with every load you do!

tips to keep your laundry in its best shape

  • Zip all zippers, close snaps and secure Velcro 

  • Don't button up buttons.

  • Empty your pockets and turn them inside out.

  •  Tie strings 

  • Place delicate items in zippered mesh bags. 

  • Turn delicate items, sweaters, and cotton T-shirts inside out.

  •  Put socks in a mesh bag

  • Choose the right detergent

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