About Us

Clean Laundry's Mission

Clean Laundry of Melbourne Self Service Laundromat

  • Our #1 goal at Clean Laundry of Melbourne is to consistently provide exceptional customer service by offering a laundry experience that is unlike any other! 

  • We offer a spacious, clean, and safe facility for you to enjoy while handling all your laundry needs!

...How Do we Do That?

Clean Laundry's Washing Area

  • Our professionally trained staff are here 7 days per week to assist our customers and to maintain a clean facility for everyone who visits!


  • Outstanding Customer Service,  A Clean Facility, and Professional Laundry Services

Laundry Services

Wash Dry Fold

  • We offer professional laundry services for our customers who don't have the time or for those that dread doing laundry.  

  • Wash Dry Fold, Dry Cleaning, and Commercial Laundry

 "Clean laundry is a basic human need that most people take for granted.  Having clean laundry makes people happy..." 

-Laundry Love 

Being able to give people a clean place to do their laundry at is what makes us happy!  

Clean Laundry's Attendants

Clean Laundry's Staff of Attendants

The Clean Laundry of Melbourne staff are here, seven days a week, to assist self-service laundry customers with any questions, issues, or needs that may arise. 

All of our attendants are also trained on proper laundry care as well as how to perform quality wash, dry, and fold service.


The attendants work hard to maintain the cleanliness of our store, our machines, and possess the knowledge of how to operate all of our equipment. 

There is nothing our staff can't handle!

You can always find an attendant at our customer service desk!
You can always find an attendant at our customer service desk!