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Dry Cleaning Drop-off

 Why make more than one stop on your laundry day?  For all items that are dry clean only bring them to us! You can conveniently drop off all your clothing for dry cleaning, laundry service or minor alterations.

Dry Clean Only...

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a process that  involves all garments being  cleaned in a liquid solvent called perchloroethylene. The reason it is called "dry" clean is because there is no water used in the process. Dry cleaning also involves the hot tumble drying of your clothing up to temperatures of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.   

Certain items like blazers, suits, pleated skirts, very saturated color, and when there are trimmings like beads, elaborate buttons, and sequins, you’ll likely want to have it dry cleaned. To find out if your garment is"dry clean only" can be found right on the care label.

Clean Laundry's drop Off Dry Cleaning

The Process

the Step by Step dry Cleaning process

  • Tagging  - everything is tagged so the cleaner can identify your clothes. This is so your belongings don't get mixed up with everyone else's. 
  • Inspection and Pre-treatment - The cleaner looks for stains and treats them to make removal easier. Clothes are also examined for missing buttons and tears.
  • Dry cleaning- The clothes are put in a machine and cleaned with a solvent.
  • Post-spotting - Any lingering stains are removed.
  • Finishing - Your items are pressed, folded, and packaged.